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The Southern Pickleball Academy is a formal public charity dedicated to the growth of pickleball by investing in our students, communities, and municipalities while fostering the valuable life skills of integrity, fair play, character, honesty, strategy, patience, and sportsmanship.

You can help when you invest your time, skills, and finances.



Our mission at Southern Pickleball Academy, a nonprofit public charity, is to “Grow Pickleball in our Schools and Communities.” Our volunteers have met with P.E. coaches at 12 schools in Aiken County who are eager to engage their students in this addictive and fast-growing sport, possibly growing a pickleball Olympiad and for sure improving the health and well-being of our next generation.

Unfortunately, many schools don’t have, nor can they afford good pickleball equipment; some are stringing up old badminton nets from one side of the gym to another and using heavy wooden paddles. Others don’t have any equipment at all. Friends, together we can change this situation.


How can you help?

Your sponsorship will enable a school to add pickleball to its physical education curriculum using proper equipment. We will source and order quality equipment and deliver it to those coaches who have made a commitment to bring pickleball to their students. And our volunteers will follow up at each school, assisting the coaches and providing other resources as needed.


Supporting school pickleball programs truly demonstrates a commitment to our local community. It creates a positive image for your business, showing that you care about the development and well-being of the youth in the area. This can foster a sense of goodwill and loyalty among students’ families and others in our community.


The Southern Pickleball Academy is a community of people dedicated to growing and improving the sport of pickleball, both locally and regionally. The most important part of us is YOU. The time, efforts, and donations provided by generous people like you are what keep the Academy going. Ever since we launched the Southern Pickleball Academy in 2023, our main focus has been to improve lives through the ever-growing market of pickleball!  Join us and be part of something that will last lifetimes.


Southern Pickleball Academy will focus on the pickleball market and the popularity of the sport to:


Helping tomorrow's superstars while they are today's super students!

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We have a duty to support those who aspire to high-reaching goals. At Southern Pickleball Academy,

we are doing our part with your assistance.

Image by Jane  Carmona

Southern Pickleball Academy is available to help local municipalities grow and improve their pickleball programs. This may be in the form of court construction and maintenance guidance, club growth, or event sponsorship.

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Many neighborhood associations are seeing the benefit of converting unused tennis courts into pickleball courts. 

We are here to help.

Image by John Matychuk


1208 Carriage Drive, Aiken, SC, USA


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