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Working with Communities

The SPA has a matching grant program for those communities interested in growing their own pickleball programs. Matching dollar for dollar up to 50% of the cost* of one dedicated outdoor court, The SPA will help your community begin the process of endless fun.


Our Partnership with Communities program will help your community (e.g., neighborhood HOA, non-profit organization, private neighborhood, etc.) repurpose property into viable and dedicated pickleball courts and THEN help you get your pickleball program up and running. The SPA will dedicate time and resources necessary to convert an existing court previously used for another sport into a dedicated pickleball court. Our technical experts will work with you step-by-step to guide you through the process of court conversion OR if you decide to bite the bullet and build new.


*Requires a minimum of 10 SPA patrons of at least $25 each who currently reside within the community for whom the court is being repurposed.

Download the project request form and let's play some pickleball!

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